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    Why you should post your toons and the Guidelines.


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    Why you should post your toons and the Guidelines.

    Post  GodOfPagans on Sun Jun 20, 2010 8:50 pm

    It's real simple, other than just placing your character names in Signature, why not let us have a look at your toon as well?

    - This is so that we can identify and validate your toon to your forum account.
    - This is especially important when it comes to forum issues, like events rewards or validating replies to complain threads in the Behavior/problem/issue reports.

    - Start a new thread, and include a screen shot of your toon, and your character name as well.
    - Any extra info is appreciated too Smile etc, equipments, stat builds (though putting up your stat build is at YOUR own peril), what unique roles you might have in raid (you might be for example battle oracle) and whether you consider your toon endgame already.
    - Post your different toons in the same thread, if you do have any.

    - Do NOT post your toons in a thread started by another player. That's his toon thread. Get your own.
    - Do NOT beg/ cry/ in-game stalk for a certain toons build. It's rude, and it's rude.
    - Do NOT pass unconstructive criticism, etc, "dood your item suxzoorrrr". Something like "I think you should use linked so and so instead of that" is much more appreciated. Bottom line, if what you're saying is of no use, we've got no use for it either.
    - Do NOT flood someone for more additional info on his toon. Asking nicely once is okay. A second time to try to convince him otherwise is probably alright. Flooding the thread with begs though even after he or she has firmly declined is plain idiocy. Don't.

    Thanks, and have a great day with the Demons of Heaven Smile

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