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    In Guild Ranking (9-1)


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    In Guild Ranking (9-1)

    Post  GodOfPagans on Fri Jun 18, 2010 3:31 am

    This is how the in-guild ranks (Lv9-Lv1 in the guild list) currently work.
    We may change these rules from time to time so you should check them out once in a while, just in case.

    9 New members on probation
    8 New Members off probation
    7 Members
    6 Members Valued
    5 Members Trusted and loyal
    4 Members Trusted and loyal long-term members
    3 Shadow council of Officers
    2 Council of Officers
    1 Guild Master/Leader

    Rank 9's are the newcomers in the guild. They will stay at rank 9 while we get to know them and they get to know us. Usually newcomers will stay at Rank 9 for 1-3 weeks, but it will depend on how much we see them (the more we see and "experience" you, the faster we can judge if you fit with the guild).

    Rank 8's are the newer members in the guild that has been with us for a little while and have showed us that they are here to stay and that they are active players.

    Rank 7's are the normal members in the guild that has been with us for some time and are actively participating in the guild chat and on our forum. To get to rank 7 and above it is a requirement that you are registered on our forum and have all your in-guild toons posted in the TOONS thread.

    Rank 6's are those who do that little bit extra for the guild. Helping others out of their own time, being very helpful on chat, promoting the image of the guild, these are all things that will see your status change to Valued.

    Rank 5's are those who continuously do more than is expected of them. A member who continues to be involved in the guild even after becoming Rank 6 will be well on their way to Rank 5.

    Rank 4's are those who have spent a long time in the guild and have always put the guild above themselves. They have shown over time that they are committed to the cause and wish to take a more serious role within the guild. These people have the option to start and accept GvG battles. To get to Rank 4 and above it is a requirement that you do NOT have toons in any other guild than Demons Of Heaven!

    Rank 3's is the shadow council of officers. They will step in as rank 2 if any current rank 2 has a period of leave or lowered activity in the game, to make sure we have as many active rank 2's as possible at all times. The rank 3's has the same authority and importance as the rank 2's and you will be expected to follow their orders as much as the rank 2's.

    Rank 2's is the council of officers. Officers, both rank 2 and rank 3, are the ones helping the guild master lead the guild in the right direction. They have a final saying in any issues that arise in the guild if the guild master is not around. You will be expected to follow their lead and orders always.

    Rank 1 is the rank of the guild master.

    Normally, the highest Rank you will reach in the guild will be Rank 5. Guild leaders and officers will discuss in-depth which members should procede higher. New Rank 3's will be chosen as and when spaces become available, and new Rank 2's will be chosen from the current Rank 3's.

    While we do try to remember to check your ranks regularly, and adjust if we feel it appropriate, it is OK to give us a friendly reminder if you feel confident that we have ought to have enough on you to make a qualified decision.
    However, your rank is decided only by the leader and officers, and if they feel that they still do not know you well enough they will simply not adjust your rank, and constantly nagging them about it certainly won't help you in any way.

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